Manna and Mercy

Video Clips

Manna and Mercy:
A Journey from
Genesis to Revelation
with Alan Storey

Using the book Manna and Mercy
by Daniel Erlander

Click on a link below to watch any of the 46 video clips that help break open themes in the book, or buy all of them on a memory stick to have copies of your own; great  for small group use.

Summary: Using Pastor Dan Erlander’s graphic novel-style book exploring the Bible, South African pastor and justice activist Alan Storey has created a 46-part video series to help us reexamine our view of Scripture so as to not distort the message but rather illuminate it for our time and place. It is an excellent tool for small group discussion or even just for one’s own personal growth. However, Alan cautions us that Scripture must be read in the context of community to help prevent the skewing of the message by one’s limited perspective and upbringing. The Bible, Pastor Storey informs us, must be read and interpreted through “the lens of Jesus” (video clip 2).

Alan illustrates the points he wishes to emphasize with stories, a technique Jesus was also very fond of according to the Gospel writers. Most of the clips are short enough to cover 2-4 of them (with discussion between each one) during your youth or adult education forums at church or with your small group.   Interspersed between Alan Storey’s reflections are four clips of people from various communities telling their own stories as they try to live manna and mercy lives. Each of those stories ends by inviting us in, asking us: “What’s your manna and mercy story?”

Paragraph summary of each individual clip.

Video 1: Introduction  8:49

Video 2: The Lens of Jesus   4:47

Video 3: The 4 Questions   3:40

Video 4: Context Gives Meaning   5:13

Video 5: By the Rivers of Babylon   8:15

Video 6: Truth is Larger than Fact  5:27

Video 7: Freedom is the Air Love Breathes   6:11

Video 8: In Love, By Love, For Love   9:44

Video 9: God's Partners  2:25

Video 10: Ama’s Story: Growing Community   3:34

Video 11: The Pyramid  8:04 

Video 12: The Wilderness School  9:51

Video 13: Law as Gift  10:01

Video 14: Not Everything Biblical is Christ-Like   5:41

Video 15: Jesus' Third Way  8:37

Video 16: Suffering and God's Will  5:17

Video 17: Hell   6:11

Video 18: Favoritism and Division  5:32

Video 19: Prophets  3:19

Video 20: God Hates Sodomy  5:20

Video 21: Jose’s Story: Undocumented and Unafraid   8:10

Video 22: An Unbiblical Marriage 12:15

Video 23: Barry’s Story: Exclusion and Acceptance in Church  5:33

Video 24: Where is Your Ninevah?  8:15

Video 25 -- Jesus' Context   6:29

Video 26 -- The Virgin Birth   7:57

Video 27 -- Mary's Song   5:58

Video 28 – The Construction Worker   2:25

Video 29 -- The Life of a Faithful Disciple   6:12

Video 30 -- Wilderness Temptations 4:52

Video 31 -- Eternal Life   7:06

Video 32 -- Mercy for All   7:00

Video 33 -- Manna for All - I   13:45

Video 34 -- Manna for All - II   15:15

Video 35 – Why did Jesus Die?  18:03

Video 36 – Tom’s Story: Father, Forgive Them  4:15

Video 37 – Is Jesus the Only Way?  7:23

Video 38 – Love Breaks Open  7:25

Video 39 – Journey through Acts - I    7:28

Video 40 – Journey through Acts II   6:25

Video 41 – Journey through Acts III   7:40

Video 42 – Journey through Acts IV   5:47

Video 43 – Journey through Acts V  5:19

Video 44 -- The Train   4:34

Video 45 -- The Church   2:31

Video 46 -- Strength for the Journey 1:30

Buy all 46 Video Clips on a memoray stick