Manna and Mercy


Video clips available for $20

The Bible is a great gift from God.  It is a gift that is meant to bring life.  Yet so often, it has been misused to bring about death, oppression, and exclusion.  Manna and Mercy gives us a fresh look at Scripture.  Using Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as our guide, we journey through all of Scripture to reclaim its message of life, justice, and inclusion for all people.

Reverend Alan Storey is a minister in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.  His faith and understanding of the gospel was forged growing up in apartheid South Africa. Using Daniel Erlander’s book, Alan developed the Manna and Mercy retreat to bring God’s message of reconciliation to South Africa and around the world.  In more than 40 video clips, averaging 7-10 minutes in length, Alan opens up key concepts of God's plan to mend the entire universe.  Great to use with groups that are reading Manna and MercyBuy all the video clips included on one memory stick for $20.